BRI Microfinance Center

BRI Microfinance Center

So far, more than 7200 CEO from Central Banks and Commercial Banks, Government Policy Makers, even Academician from more than 50 countries in Africa, Europa, America, Asia, and Australia has joined BRI International Institute for Microfinance and Financial Inclusion Development program.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia was established in 1895, now BRI is a public listed company which focus on micro, small and medium business.
Since 1980’s BRI new approach in microfinance has become the “World New Paradigm” in microfinance.

BRI micro banking system, known as “The BRI-Unit” provides commercial microfinance to clients across Indonesia. It is the only large-scale, microfinance institution fully supported by voluntary public savings, operating profitably for more than 30 years. Currently, BRI served more than 35 million micro clients in saving and lending.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) International Institute for Microfinance and Financial Inclusion (BRIIM) is the transformation of Microfinance International Cooperation (MIC). Along with the success of BRI on microfinance, BRI working together with USAID and CGAP as a Global Corporate Social Responsibility in order to develop microfinance in the world.

Microfinance International Cooperation was originally known with the name of “International Visitor Program (IVP)”. The program is to facilitate clients/visitors to simply understand how the BRI micro banking system works. Recognizing BRI's long-standing achievements, coupled with the desire to reach out to the world so others can learn from BRI’s experience, this program was developed in 1996, in partnership between USAID and the Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest (CGAP), World Bank, and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

The main role of BRI International Institute for Microfinance and Financial Inclusion Development is the center of excellence of microfinance and financial inclusion development, which covered activities as follow:
1. Training and Study Visit
2. Research and Development
3. Community Empowerment
4. Business Incubation

We invite you to join and make partnership with us in those above activities for the sake of seeking new innovations and alternative in microfinance and financial inclusion program based on best practice.

Our program in training and others activities are based on BRI’s successes-as well as BRI’s failures. For in failing, BRI was pushed to discover the problem and now we have proven the methods to help alleviate poverty through a sustainable, profitable, commercial micro banking system, etc.

The training that we offer including:
1. Policy and Regulation
2. Micro banking System
3. Saving and Deposit Mobilization
4. Microcredit Operation
5. Human Capital (HRD)
6. Internal Control, Supervision and Risk Management
7. Branchless or Agent Banking
8. Community Empowerment or Poverty Alleviation Program
9. Information Technology.

Our training services is suitable for Top Management, Policy Makers, Investors, Donor Agencies, as well as Practitioners and Academician.

We would like to provide further services from Advisory, Consultancy and Mentoring to forming strategic alliances with others - extending the reach and knowledge of sustainable, commercial micro banking around the world. We would like to be a global partner, collaborating with other institutions from many different countries.

We welcome you to share our model of transparent, simple, standardized systems that you can implement on your own institution. Together, we can empower the low income people for a better economy development.