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Based on years of experience, here, BRI provide facilitation for research on microfinance or micro banking at any topics including: Supply and Demand from market, product design and delivery system, social impact studies, and other topics based on your interest. Researchers are welcome to present their result from the research. Researchers are required to send a resume/CV along with introductory letter from their respective institutions as well as the purpose of the research. Is it truly possible to create a large-scale, sustainable micro banking institution with “No Subsidies”, “No Donor Funding”, “No Government Intervention”? There is one thing our bold experiment has proven without any doubt. When we respect those living on the financial fringes of society as partners and give them the tools to utilize the economic system, they welcome the chance to find those solutions for themselves. This program is design to help Microfinance Institution, Micro Banks, Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Government Agencies, Central Banks, NGO’s, Donors, Investors, even Practitioners and Academician interested in developing sustainable microfinance. The obvious benefits for poor people is like increasing income, being able to feed more nutritious food to their families or sending the children to school are, in some ways, the by-product of the deeper benefits, raising their self-confidence, their self-esteem. By treating customers as partners and trusting their character, it bypasses their lack of education and increases their sense of self-worth. Respecting and encouraging their dreams of a better life. the BRI-Unit staff helps them attain those dreams. "I can say for sure that BRI loans have helped me with my recycling business. Now I can show you my home that I own. I have some savings in the bank and my oldest son is in university. I can pay for the two youngest to be in high school and elementary school - even though I only went to the 6th grade." (Suyudi, a BRI-Unit customer)

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